How to buy in our Online Shop?

How to buy?

1. Pick your Products

At Cosmetic 2 Go, we have a vast variety of products you can choose from. Add the product you want to your order. You can buy more than 1 (one) unit, just indicate the desired quantity.

2. Shopping Cart

After you've selected the desired products for purchase, all you need to do is add those items to your shopping cart. Once you have reviewed and confirmed your order is correct you can move on to the next step in the purchasing process.

3. Fill your Data

We remind you that it´s of extreme importance to both parties that your data is filled out correctly. In this way, we can be quicker and more efficient when delivering your products to your home as fast as possible.

After your data is correctly filled, choose your preferred shipment and paying method. We always offer our customers more than one option so they can pick the ones that suit them better.

4. Place your order

After your data is complete and you´ve chosen your shipping and payment methods and conditions, you simply have to place your order as we take care of everything else. We work proudly to bring you the best products, in the best condition, as fast as possible.

Before finalizing the purchase, reconfirm all your data.
As you can see, it is simple to buy at Cosmetic2go.com.