Uriage Xémose Cérat Moisturizing Body Cream 200ml

Uriage Xémose Cérat Moisturizing Body Cream 200ml

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Ultra-nourishing cream suitable for dry, very dry skin with atopic tendency of the face and body. Intensely nourishes, protects and immediately soothes the itching that leads to the need for scratching.

Uriage Xémose Cérat contains an association of active complexes that form a triple skin barrier, restructure and reinforce the skin barrier, modulate the innate defense barrier and rebalance the microbial barrier. Its formula contains 25 Shea Butter, which intensely nourishes the skin and provides immediate and lasting comfort, immediately reducing the itchiness caused by dehydration / malnutrition of the skin. Can be used for babies, children and adults. Without perfume. Hypoallergenic.

Apply 1-2 times a day to previously cleansed and dry skin with a gentle massage.

Avoid contact with eyes.