SVR Sebiaclear Ampoule AZ 30ml

SVR Sebiaclear Ampoule AZ 30ml

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Anti-imperfection, anti-redness and anti-marking concentrate.

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Suitable for all sensitive acne-prone skin. Imperfections, redness, marks. From age 10 and up.

Because we are not always comfortable with our imperfections, we may be tempted to try anything to get rid of them, but we shouldn't. Acne-prone skin becomes damaged and irritated, which can make it sensitized, leading to a vicious cycle of acne.

This weakened skin needs to be soothed and rebalanced.

To find the best balance between efficacy and tolerance, SVR formulated this treatment with 15% azelaic acid, a dermatological anti-inflammatory and keratolytic active recognized. Combined with salicylic acid, zinc and niacinamide, SEBIACLEAR Ampoule AZ deeply unclogs the skin and visibly reduces imperfections and redness in record time. Its milky, fluid texture is very quickly absorbed for an invisible finish. Skin is left clean, purified, soothed and comfortable.


Shake well before using. Apply morning and/or evening on clean, dry face. Use alone or in conjunction with your daily skin care. Do not ingest. Keep out of the reach of children. Do not store above 30°C.