Paranix Protection Shampoo Against Nits and Lice 200ml

Paranix Protection Shampoo Against Nits and Lice 200ml

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Protection against lice.

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Paranix Protective Shampoo can be used as a replacement for regular shampoo, every 2-3 days, for 2 weeks, during a lice outbreak. This 2-in-1 action shampoo washes while preventing a lice infestation from taking hold.

In the event of a lice outbreak, Paranix Protection Shampoo can also be used after treatment with Paranix Spray or Treatment Lotion.

Protection against lice has never been easier!

Use Paranix Protective Shampoo every 2-3 days for 2 weeks as a replacement for your regular shampoo during lice outbreaks (lice alerts).

1- Apply a sufficient amount of Paranix Protective Shampoo evenly to wet hair and massage. Wait 3 minutes.

2- Wash and rinse your hair with water. Make sure your hair is well rinsed.

3- Dry your hair and comb as usual.