Chicco Antibacterial Protective absorbent Disks x60

Chicco Antibacterial Protective absorbent Disks x60

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During breastfeeding, especially during the most delicate early stages, uncomfortable breast irritation or cracks, which can make breastfeeding difficult and painful, require specific hygiene and care. Antibacterial Absorbent Pads offer maximum safety during the delicate period of breastfeeding. Special antibacterial tissue prevents the proliferation of bacteria within the crown while providing a suitable mechanical barrier to protect the breast. Superabsorbent micro-pearls retain the liquid and prevent it from getting to the surface, keeping the skin always dry. The outer breathable layer allows the nipple and skin to breathe and prevents irritation. In addition, the extremely thin layer makes the absorbent disc invisible under clothing. The practical adhesive and anatomical shape allow maximum stability of the discs during use.

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